Dear readers,

So my first week of summer went by pretty quickly. And what a week it was. I became obsessed with the girl band Little Mix (hence the reason for them being the featured image this week). They are probably one of the best girl bands of this generation. Literally for the whole of the week I’ve been listening to the acoustic versions of their songs cause their harmonies is absolutely heavenly; it’s just amazing.

My favorite of the group would have to be either Perrie or Jade. Perrie’s voice is powerful yet has a control to it that gives you chills every time. Jade has the cute personality with a voice that suits it: it’s shrill yet calming but also quite powerful. What’s amazing about these two is that if you put both their voices together, magic happens. Actually if you put all of their voices Jade, Perrie, Jessy, and Leigh Anne, magic happens. Their harmonies is just wonderful. If you ever decide to search them up I would suggest to search for the acoustic version of “How ya doin” it’s one of their bests.

Anyway besides that I also got to hangout with my sort of best friend. I say sort of cause I’m actually not sure. I’m gonna call him JWJ. Well basically we hung out at High Street to buy a friend of ours a birthday gift for her debut. And everything went really productively. We bought everything we wanted to get her and we stayed a bit and ate dinner together. It was pretty fun, we didnt really have much stories to tell one another but we still ended up laughing. My only reason for saying that I’m not sure we’re best friends is cause at one point he started avoiding and he told me that he had nothing to say to me. So I dont know. What if he does that to me again? I dont know if that’s really a good thing, I dont even know if that’s a thing friends do. So yeah he’s my sort of best friend.

After that I went to Tagaytay with my family and cousins this past weekend. It was also pretty fun, though I realized that I’m pretty bad with people. I’m not very sociable although I can be extroverted it’s just I cant really relate so much with people, particularly my cousins. My sister on the other hand is amazing. She can talk for hours with anybody and they will instantaneously love her. It amazes me how she can socialize and manipulate people with ease. Not manipulate them in a bad way, but like she’s just good with people. And I want to be able to be like that. It would just be a great asset to have honestly. But besides all of that we actually had a great weekend. We went boating, and ate A LOT of food. It was amazingly awesome!

So that was basically my week. It was pretty fun and very obsessive (as I always am), and also I was able to figure out something about myself. So I’m quite happy!

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you stick around till next week! 🙂

-MAR ❤


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