Entry 4: An eventful week

Dear readers,

Firstly I would like to apologize for the late post! I got sick yesterday; I got a bad fever and stomach ache (worst combination). But anyway I’m here now, and I’m back with another weekly entry!

Anyway the featured photo of this week is actually me. Yup that’s me. I actually do contemporary dance, which is why I’m fairly flexible. But the reason why I decided to make that the featured photo of this week is cause I decided to finally reveal a bit of myself to you.

So now onto last week’s events. A lot happened. Okay lets start with Monday. I had a voice lesson with a new voice coach who is a professional classical soprano singer that travels around the world performing operatic music. She is absolutely amazing! She easily figured out all of the bad habits I had garnered through the years that I had been singing; and now I’m slowly getting used to the new techniques she’s teaching me (which is actually making singing a lot easier than how it used to be). She’s really great! Singing has never been more fun since she’s been teaching me.

The next two days I didn’t really do much, I just kinda slacked off and read my book (which was Cross Justice by James Paterson; pretty good but nothing too special). And then on Thursday, it was also another slacking off day until my cousin KF texted me asking if I wanted to hangout that evening and have dinner somewhere. So I asked my mom if I could then I was off to Town. We ate at 8Cuts which has really fucking great burgers! Their milkshakes as well were pretty damn great! We also shared a molten chocolate lava cake with ice cream and whipped cream on top. Basically I had a great night with KF! After dinner we walked around Town and just talked about basically anything. She’s probably one of my favorite cousins ever.

Fast forward to Saturday, again I was with KF and her sort of siblings AM and Ayla. My sister Aifos also came along. We went to Enchanted Kingdom, which is an amusement park here in the Philippines. It was a lot of fun as you would expect. I haven’t actually been there in two years I think? So visiting this place was a long time coming. There were a lot of new attractions and coming soon rides. Although I didn’t get to ride any of the new ones, I did ride all of the ones I knew and loved. The flying fiesta which was a set of swings attached to a central machine that lifts up these swings and revolves it  around going higher in specific points as the ride continues. The log jam which is set in a jungle like area of the park; you basically ride a log and you’re going through a river that goes up these high “mountains” then drop down what I would describe I kind of waterfall drop, when you hit the water after the drop you kind of expect to get wet. And the other one we rode was the space shuttle which is a roller coaster that has loop-de-loops that goes forward at first then backwards. God I really fucking love Enchanted Kingdom.

And finally Sunday, I went to the debut of one of my good friends SH. I was actually one of her eighteen roses, though I didn’t get to dance with her cause she didnt want it to be a conventional debut. And so we just went straight to her and gave her the rose. It was another great night! SH is fucking great singer, I love her voice so fucking much. She sang five songs which was “A thousand years” by Christina Perri; “Just enjoy the show” by Lenka; “Greatest love of all” by Whitney Houston; “Without you” by Usher; and finally she sang “Domino” by Jessie J. Wonderful fucking voice and great song choices for her. The one thing about her voice is her higher register is absolutely beautiful. She can really belt out the high notes well. Besides all of the singing and dancing she did, her siblings also sang for her, which in all honesty were pretty bad. They were completely off tune and I just kept thinking “Oh God why dont they have her talent of singing as well?!” But then again it was her debut so it’s totally fine and understandable. Happy Birthday to her I guess!

So yeah that ends my week’s events. Quite a lot happened I didnt realize that I can be quite busy. But overall last week was quite a fun filled week. I hope you enjoyed reading through this and I’ll see you next Monday!

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-MAR ❤


Entry 3: First week of summer

Dear readers,

So my first week of summer went by pretty quickly. And what a week it was. I became obsessed with the girl band Little Mix (hence the reason for them being the featured image this week). They are probably one of the best girl bands of this generation. Literally for the whole of the week I’ve been listening to the acoustic versions of their songs cause their harmonies is absolutely heavenly; it’s just amazing.

My favorite of the group would have to be either Perrie or Jade. Perrie’s voice is powerful yet has a control to it that gives you chills every time. Jade has the cute personality with a voice that suits it: it’s shrill yet calming but also quite powerful. What’s amazing about these two is that if you put both their voices together, magic happens. Actually if you put all of their voices Jade, Perrie, Jessy, and Leigh Anne, magic happens. Their harmonies is just wonderful. If you ever decide to search them up I would suggest to search for the acoustic version of “How ya doin” it’s one of their bests.

Anyway besides that I also got to hangout with my sort of best friend. I say sort of cause I’m actually not sure. I’m gonna call him JWJ. Well basically we hung out at High Street to buy a friend of ours a birthday gift for her debut. And everything went really productively. We bought everything we wanted to get her and we stayed a bit and ate dinner together. It was pretty fun, we didnt really have much stories to tell one another but we still ended up laughing. My only reason for saying that I’m not sure we’re best friends is cause at one point he started avoiding and he told me that he had nothing to say to me. So I dont know. What if he does that to me again? I dont know if that’s really a good thing, I dont even know if that’s a thing friends do. So yeah he’s my sort of best friend.

After that I went to Tagaytay with my family and cousins this past weekend. It was also pretty fun, though I realized that I’m pretty bad with people. I’m not very sociable although I can be extroverted it’s just I cant really relate so much with people, particularly my cousins. My sister on the other hand is amazing. She can talk for hours with anybody and they will instantaneously love her. It amazes me how she can socialize and manipulate people with ease. Not manipulate them in a bad way, but like she’s just good with people. And I want to be able to be like that. It would just be a great asset to have honestly. But besides all of that we actually had a great weekend. We went boating, and ate A LOT of food. It was amazingly awesome!

So that was basically my week. It was pretty fun and very obsessive (as I always am), and also I was able to figure out something about myself. So I’m quite happy!

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you stick around till next week! 🙂

-MAR ❤

Entry 2: Me

Dear readers,

I still haven’t decided on what to call you. As you can probably tell from the title, I will be talking about me. Who am I? What have I gone through? What is so interesting about me? That’s all I will be talking about in this entry.

For starters I am a 16 year old adolescent male. I currently reside in the Philippines but I’m planning on going to the UK for university. It’s quite ambitious but I’m hoping for the best! I plan on taking Drama or Performing arts for uni. I have big dreams to one day perform on Broadway or West End, or maybe both!

Theater to me is magical. It is an outlet for me to disappear and run away from the real world. Theater somehow transports you into another world, one where anything can happen and everything ends somewhat happily (except maybe for the musical “Next to normal” cause that shit is just so fucking sad). I just love the rush of performance. Being on stage; becoming someone else; the difficulty of singing and dancing. Theater is something I want to be able to do for the rest of my life.

A few months back I was diagnosed with Manic Depression or Bipolar disorder. This was a bit shocking to me, but after a while it began to actually make sense to me. Basically bipolar disorder means that I can only experience extreme highs and extreme lows. So some days I’m bouncing ball of joy that will not shut up and constantly talk about the same things over and over. Or I could just be completely quiet and sad that I basically can’t function. But yeah that’s only one side to who I am.

I almost forgot to mention that I’m gay. Quite stereotypical isn’t it? A guy who loves theater so fucking much and is gay. Well I’m telling you now that theater wasn’t the reason for me becoming gay. I just was. Growing up I always had a weird thing for guys. I remember watching High School Musical, whenever Zac Efron was on I would just go blank and just stare at him, almost admiring him. This was when I was 7 or 8 years old. So yeah even as a child I always was gay. I never made a decision to be gay. I just am.

But yeah it took me about a year to accept the fact that I am gay. I first came out to my best friend and of course she was very accepting. And then after that it just became easier and easier to come out to friends and to people at my school. A month after, I had decided to come out to my family. So I first came out to my mom who was very supportive (I am very close to my mom); then to my sisters who were also supportive; then my dad. My dad on the other hand took the news the other way. He started screaming at me, throwing books and other stuff at me saying that I was no longer his son. So until now he hates me. We hardly ever talk but when we do it’s always very trivial, and he always looks at me with disdain.

Anyway, in more recent times my mom and I decided, since I wanted to go to the UK for university, that I should transfer to an international school that offered A levels. Coming from a traditional school in the Philippines to an international school was interesting to say the least. I had quite the culture shock. Everyone seemed to be experience in the intimacy department. A lot of my classmates had their first kiss, had made out with someone, and some had already experienced sex, but then again most of my classmates were a year or two older than I was. But yeah, I realized that I wasn’t that experienced. I’ve had my first kiss with both a girl and a guy. But I’ve never made out with anyone. So it was a bit daunting how open everyone seemed to be about this.

So yeah. That’s about it. There’s nothing much else about me. My actual diary writing of my weekly events will start next week! So I hope this gets you interested into my blog and I hope you stick around.

-MAR ❤


Entry 1

Dear readers,

I actually don’t know what to call you, the readers. It’s kind of hard to imagine that I would be having readers on here. It seems so unlikely, so boring to have to go through what I’m about to tell you, but trust me this will get better I promise! Just give it a bit more time please!

Well this is my first ever blog post. I don’t know where to start. I guess I could introduce myself… but I had already done that in the about page of this website (which I’m hoping you’ve read already). Anyway, I want to welcome you! Welcome to MAR’s or rather MY online diary!

Basically what I have decided to do is to post an entry into this website once a week detailing my weekly events. I might get personal in this but who cares? I don’t know you and you don’t know me. So what’s the harm in telling you about my life? Well I’m hoping nothing bad comes out of this. But yeah, I will be posting an entry every Monday of the week.

Now you must be wondering why I decided to do this. Well to answer that, I don’t know what drove me to make an online diary. I just decided one afternoon that it would be fun to try it out and see where this might go. And I’m really hoping for the best with this blog.

I will be posting another entry tomorrow mostly to give context on my life before I even begin to tell you the story of what has been going on as of present. And so that’s all I wanted to say in this. Thanks a lot for reading through this blog and I hope you stick around to see where this journey might end up.

-MAR ❤