Entry 4: Final Visa Week

Dear Internet,

Another stressful week of fixing documents and submitting them has passed. Finally all is over with my student visa application – now we wait. 

It started with me having to get a lung medical examination, to check if I had Tuberculosis. I’ve never had any sort of lung disease or any of the sort (except maybe a cold… does that have to do with the lungs?), so naturally the results that I gained said I was normal. On the evening after the medical exam I then went to a going away dinner with my cousins. It was actually pretty okay considering I dont really like these particular cousins. It was interesting and they were actually pretty interested and wanted to know what was going on and all that jazz. And of course food is food – so I definitely enjoyed myself. 

I also payed all my tuition fees in full this week. That was crazy – the credit card company (specifically City Bank) did not want to approve of the transaction. That plus my extremely hot headed dad really dont mix. So there was a lot of screaming and shouting as to who was to do what or who was dumber over the other – so you know, that was fun. I’m just glad it was resolved – I dont think I would survive another one of those screaming fits. 

The final event of the week was my visa application appointment. Which happened really quickly. It seemed to have flown by like it was merely a dream. I basically just submitted all of my documents, the clark helping me was able to bump my application up to priority (thank you wonderfully helpful woman, you rock!!), I got my biometrics done, and I went through an interview (which I think I did okay in).

Well that’s all thats happened really. The weekend was quite a boring one with both my parents going out a lot and me just watching Merlin, Kwingletsplay, or Young Justice (I’m becoming obsessed help me).

Well see ya soon Internet. 



Entry 3

Dear Internet,

It has been quite a stressful week. As you may or may not know I’m about to enter university in the UK; which is a pretty big deal considering I have lived and have studied in the Philippines for most of my life. 

Most of my worries last week were mainly concerning when my university would issue my CAS number (which is what basically enables me to apply for my student visa). Thankfully they were able to send it by Wednesday evening. 

It’s really dawning on me that this dream of mine, of one day being able to study a musical theatre course in the UK is actually coming to fruition. I’m really quite scared. It’s one thing to be living on my own for the first time of my 18 years of life let alone living on my own in another country of which I know nothing about. I’m nervous, but I’m also very excited. Its one more step to achieving my dreams of one day being able to perform on a Westend stage. 

That’s mostly what I’ve been thinking of lately. After I received my CAS I found out that I had to get this medical test to check if I have tuberculosis and then I have to book an appointment for my visa. Next week is really going to be hectic – not looking forward to that. 

I also went to Tagaytay with my parents. Which was super chill. I drank a glass of wine (which is a once in a while occurance cause I dont drink) while hanging out with my parents in the jacuzzi. It was really quite nice till my Dad suddenly blew up the next day about our time schedules and whatever. I really dont get him. He just gets mad over the simplest things. He just has to be correct – cause to him being correct is equal to being appreciated. Anyway we ended up getting home earlier than expected – thank you dad I guess. 

I then went out with a lovely human, my cousin named Faith. She’s so much fun – though her life is seriously crazy. She’s only 17 and she’s experienced so much more than I have; both mentally and probably sexually. She’s cool though. She usually just talks about how she is with her boyfriend and schoolwork and how crazy that is. So it just felt casual, like we were just catching up which is nice. I just feel like she spreads herself too thinly – in spite of all the work she has to do for school she still goes and gets drunk. She seriously needs to work on that. 

And that’s all that happened last week. I feel like I need to be more productive cause I feel like I’m always stuck on my computer just watching Carrie Hope Fletcher’s vlogs. I seriously need a life. 

See ya soon internet. 


Entry 2: Hello

Dear Internet,



It’s been a year since I’ve posted here… And well… Oh who am I kidding? There’s probably no one actually reading this so I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Well I’m just putting this out there to say that I will start posting again every Monday. Same kind of format, weekly blogs basically talking about my life without giving too much away. I will however stop swearing so much because I have realized that my posts are really quite crap when I swear.

So yeah that’s all, my first real blog post will be this Monday talking about the past week. I promise to try and keep it as short as possible – unless you want it to be longer (I still dont believe anyone’s reading these… but why not I’ll address you directly).

See ya soon then.


Entry 1

Dear readers,

I actually don’t know what to call you, the readers. It’s kind of hard to imagine that I would be having readers on here. It seems so unlikely, so boring to have to go through what I’m about to tell you, but trust me this will get better I promise! Just give it a bit more time please!

Well this is my first ever blog post. I don’t know where to start. I guess I could introduce myself… but I had already done that in the about page of this website (which I’m hoping you’ve read already). Anyway, I want to welcome you! Welcome to MAR’s or rather MY online diary!

Basically what I have decided to do is to post an entry into this website once a week detailing my weekly events. I might get personal in this but who cares? I don’t know you and you don’t know me. So what’s the harm in telling you about my life? Well I’m hoping nothing bad comes out of this. But yeah, I will be posting an entry every Monday of the week.

Now you must be wondering why I decided to do this. Well to answer that, I don’t know what drove me to make an online diary. I just decided one afternoon that it would be fun to try it out and see where this might go. And I’m really hoping for the best with this blog.

I will be posting another entry tomorrow mostly to give context on my life before I even begin to tell you the story of what has been going on as of present. And so that’s all I wanted to say in this. Thanks a lot for reading through this blog and I hope you stick around to see where this journey might end up.

-MAR ❤